the olive oil press


The Volioti family has a long and rich history in the processing, standardization and selling of olives. Being a pioneer, when it comes to the adoption of new technologies, and a firm believer in the principles of professional ethics and efficiency, the family has managed to develop healthy relations of cooperation and direct services with both the producers and the consumers, by combining quality products with competitive prices. The first olive oil press owned by the Volioti family started its operation in 1969 at the village of Agios Vlasios, in Pelion. There, the family set the foundations for the company’s successful evolution, which has continued to evolve ever since, through the implementation of a policy that focuses on excellent organization, constant equipment update and total respect towards both the producers and the consumers. Since 1981 and up until today, the Olive Oil Press has relocated to its new facilities in Ano Lechonia, at the 10th kilometer of the provincial highway of Volos-Tsagkarada. There, in a large and renovated space, the company’s modern equipment is installed and it performs all the necessary procedures for the collection, processing and market distribution of olive oil.

New Equipment

The Olive Oil Press follows fully the scientific and technological developments, as well as the demands that were introduced with the upgrade in nutritional needs. That is why it operates taking into account all the latest, modern operational methods, investing in infrastructure and equipment and making sure to comply with all the latest specifications issued by the EU on processes such as cold pressing (organic olive oil), while at the same time, it holds an ISO 9001 certification. Since 2016, the Olive Oil Press has installed the new Piralizzi machine, which performs the process of oil refining without the addition of water. Thanks to this process, greater endurance, nutritional value and oil flavor is achieved, creating a new and dynamic business environment for this family business.


Since the year 2015, the ‘Olive Oil of Pelion’ has spread its wings and reached foreign countries and markets, where this top quality olive oil has managed to win over the market and the consumers of five countries: Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland and Bulgaria. At the same time, the company participated in many Greek and International Exhibitions, attracting a large number of visitors and representatives of the olive oil market. This way, the Mountain of Pelion is advertised to an international audience for its remarkable and fragrant product, its olive oil.

A place to visit

During the last few years, the Olive Oil Press has turned into a popular spot where people can come in contact with Greece’s most well-known exported product: the olive oil. Every year, the Olive Oil Press receives visits from schools, associations, as well as tourists from Greece and abroad, who wish to gain personal experience in the production process of olive oil and to tour the Mill’s modern facilities. In addition, there are many people who visit the Olive Oil Press in order to directly purchase the quantity of olive oil they need. We will be very glad to see you visiting our modern facilities and experience first-hand the top quality olive oil we produce during the production period (from October and up until February). Of course, you have the opportunity to purchase directly from our facilities our top quality olive oil throughout the year.


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