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Since ancient times and up until today, olive oil is closely connected with human nutrition and is considered to be one of the most precious products that adds flavor and value to our meals. The “Olive Oil of Pelion” is a family owned business that takes advantage of Pelion’s rich soil and unique traditions and in combination with the company’s modern facilities, new equipment and dedication and hard work of its employees, it is able to produce top quality oil, so nutritional and tasty that it can satisfy any gastronomical need. The “Olive Oil of Pelion” has a long tradition of 50 years in the production of oil and has gained the trust of both the Greek and foreign consumers, since the company is already exporting its products. Our long relationship with consumers is always updated and upgraded, through a constant effort from our part to adopt new ideas and techniques, in order to produce a highly attractive product of great flavor and high nutritional value. The quality of the olive oil produced by our family business is further validated through the constant distinctions and awards it receives in both Greek and International competitions. Our company “The Olive Oil of Pelion by the Volioti Family” produces four different types of olive oil:

Organic Green Olives Olive Oil

Produced by the olives which are cultivated in certified by the competent authority in charge plots of land in Pelion. The pressing of these specific olives takes place in the olive oil press during the morning hours. This type of olive oil has a distinct green, fruity color and a beautiful odor which makes it suitable for salads. Organic Green Olive Oil is known to have a variety of medicinal properties, especially as far as liver diseases are concerned and that is why it is often selected to be consumed by people who wish to improve their health.

Plain Green Olives Olive Oil

It is produced during the early stages of olive picking from the olives cultivated in Pelion’s plain plots of land. The pressing of the olives takes place during the period between the 25th of September and the 25th of October. This specific type of olive is 90% of green color and in the last few years it has been identified as a product of high nutritional value, since it contains vitamins, polyphenols and minerals that possess antioxidant properties. This type of olive oil is used in the preparation of salads, but, also, in cooking, since it possesses significant nutritional properties.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is the pure, natural olive oil that is produced during in the months between October and December. It has an attractive yellow color and it is used in different occasions, such as in salads and in cooking. It is the common type of olive oil that is widely consumed in houses and restaurants. It is characterized by its content, its rich fruity flavor and nutritional value. A low acidity product, it impresses consumers and it remains one of the most popular exported products.

Virgin Olive Oil

It is produced during the months between October and January and it is used mainly in restaurants and other dining establishments for the preparation of meals or salads. It is one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet and it is considered to be a suitable product for a healthy diet, due to its content of monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. Its yellow color and tasty flavor makes it stand out, since it is a very sweet and fragrant type of oil that satisfies consumers.

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